Belagavi: Some of the sharpshooters arrested by Belagavi police on Wednesday evening have made some startling revelations to the police during their interrogation. According to sources, the shooters had drawn up a sketch to get criminal Dinesh Shetty freed from Hindalga prison when they were locked up in Mysore jail some time ago.

At least six months ago, the shooters had worked out their strategies at Mysore jail when Dinesh Shetty was still languishing in the jail in Mysore. Sources said, Tahir Hussain and another Abdul Karim had become friends with Dinesh Shetty in Mysore jail and said to have decided to draw up an escape plan from Hindalga jail.

After the shooters came to know that it was easier to break out from Hindalga prison rather than Mysore jail, they decided to get Shetty shifted to Hindalga jail from Mysore.

Meanwhile, Tahir Hussain, one of sharpshooters who was caught at Sambra airport on Wednesday was flying to Bengaluru to get another car needed by sharpshooters to carry out their strategy to release Dinesh Shetty in Belagavi according to sources. But before he could board the flight, the police caught him at Sambra airport.