Belagavi: In wake of a stern warning issued by the police against raising any controversial issues at the Maratha Kranti Morcha, its organizers attempted to rake up the disputed matters by raising the boundary row with the help of young girls as the morcha culminated at Bogarves on Thursday. Apart from six girls, none of MES leaders or its MLAs Sambhaji Patil and Arvind Patil spoke at the morcha.

A group of six girls who were leading the massive rally of Maratha’s right from Shivaji Garden were prepared to deliver speeches at Bogarves. The girls warned that the Moun Morcha (silent rally) which the Maratha’s took out today would turn aggressive in the coming days if the atrocities on Marathi people on the border did not stop. They said, the government should come to the support of Marathi minorities by fulfilling their major demands.

For a long time, the Marathi people demanded official documents from government offices in Marathi language, but the government deprived them of their rights, they alleged justifying the Maratha’s continued opposition to November 1 celebrations held in the state to mark the re-organisation of states, they said.

The girls said, a majority of people in Belagavi were Marathi people and obviously urge the government to fulfill their rights.  Referring to the alleged rape incident occurred at Kopardi in Maharashtra, they said, the atrocity law was being misused which the government should take a serious note of.

Later, the girls submitted a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner N Jairam urging the government to do justice to the Maratha community. They said, the boundary dispute between both the states should be resolved to ensure justice to the Marathi people living in several areas on the border including Karwar, Bhalki, Nipani, Belagavi and Khanapur regions.

Surprisingly, none of the top MES leaders of MLAs including Arvind Patil, Sambhaji Patil, former MLA Manohar Kinekar spoke on the occasion.