Belagavi: A senior scientist and PRO of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Mr Guruprasad will speak on space exhibition and recent launch of 104 satellites by ISRO at Prabhudev Kalyan Mantap, S G Balekundri Institute of Technology, Belagavi at 12.30 pm today (Feb 17).

He will speak as part of a two days space exhibition organised on February 17 and 18 by S. G. Balekundri Institute of Technology in association with ISRO, Bengaluru. According to organisers, the exhibition is a part of the college’s annual fest `SAMVEEKSHANA-2K17′.

During the exhibition, ISRO will exhibit all their prototype satellites launched so far by them including Mars Orbiter Mission.  Satellites functions, type of information, benefits, etc.

An interactive session by a senior scientists is also arranged to educate people / students regarding ISRO satellite launching activities on the first day of the exhibition.  The Principal, Management of SGBIT is happy to invite all the schools, colleges, and the people of Belagavi to visit the campus and witness the prototype models of ISRO missions.