Belagavi: An alleged allotment of sites to infiltrated residents of Bangladesh by the government was the hot topic of discussion at Belagavi district zilla panchayat meeting today with MPs Suresh Angadi and Ananth Kumar Hegde, as expected, came down heavily on authorities over the issue. The two stated that the facilities under Housing Schemes which should actually reach the needy local residents was being extended to Bangladeshi nationals who illegally settled down here.

The MPs questioned the yardstick which government adopted in selecting beneficiaries under the Housing Schemes and asked as to why were nationals of neighboring country settled illegally were being allotted and said, in Belagavi many such schemes benefited illegal migrants of Bangladesh, Mr Angadi alleged. Informing the meeting that more than a 1000 residents of Bangladesh were given land record of rights in Belagavi as per a Centre’s agency survey, Mr Hegade asked what guidelines were followed by authorities in doing so.