Belagavi: The way in which Congress party is neglecting muslim community and turned the community only as a vote bank in Karnataka state has enraged many leaders from both the minority and other backward communities. None of muslim leaders from the state were considered by Congress party high command or state Congress leaders for any of the important posts of AICC or KPCC.

After getting their support for decades together, the Congress leaders and high command did not even bother to discuss the names one single leader from the muslim community for the KPCC or AICC posts, which it filled recently. As several backward class leaders in the state put it, the party is giving importance to only the rich, powerful and those who blackmail it or exert pressure. The best example as former KPCC member Shankar Munavalli says, the Congress decided to appoint the rich politician Satish Jarkiholi as AICC secretary only when he threatened the party and also resorted to blackmail tactics. Similarly, the party gave some other important posts of AICC and KPCC to leaders without any merit or ability.

As a result of Congress party’s support to family-politics in Belagavi city where members of MLA Sait family occupy some of important party posts depriving many other able leaders of the party and the way the lone Jarkiholi family dominates Congress politics of Belagavi, many able leaders from Congress party are finding Congress atmosphere suffocating in Belagavi district. After Congress party continued neglecting other muslim leaders in the state, a youth leader Maskewale recently quit the party to join BJP along with his supporters.

The Congress party’s neglect of muslim community in Belagavi district except for one family and the way it failed to take the community into confidence, many backward class leaders feel that the party would find it difficult to shape up ahead of the assembly elections next year.