Belagavi: Communal violence will never take place in any part of the world provided everyone understands their respective religion well, said noted social worker Shahid Memon addressing people at Eid-e-Milan program organized at Muzaffar Makkah Masjid, Club Road, Belagavi on Saturday.

He said hunger always taught the lessons of life to everyone and so prophet Mohammad (peace be upon Him) would want prosperous ones in the world to feed the poorer. People should indulge themselves in good works to make a living and never back off from their responsibilities, he said while stating that the nation would develop when every individual involved sincerely in his works. Every individual should donate 2.5 per cent of his income to the poor and only then he would be able to lead his life well. A month-long fasting basically brings all the rich and poor at one place for prayers everyday helping in uniting all of them without any discrimination. The congregation of all the people gives a sense of oneness, he added.

On the occasion, Subhash Oulkar said, every religion preached the same principles and messages and that there is one god but his names are different. People should follow the messages and lead a good life, he said urging people to stay together as one society.

Chairman of Muzaffar Makkah Masjid Jamat, Faizulla Madiwale presided over the function while secretary Ayub Madiwale, Rasul Madiwale, BJP Yuva Morcha president Vikram Killekar, Kashimsab Jalihal and Dilip Madali were present.