Belagavi: Corporators of Belagavi City Corporation who often indulge in verbal clashes in the meetings surprisingly are talking some sense these days. Now, they want the government to develop Belagavi City on the lines of Chandigarh, one of the most beautiful and planned cities in the country. Impressed by development taken up in Chandigarh during their recent visit to the city, the city corporators are urging the government to develop all infrastructure and other facilities available in Chandigarh in Belagavi city too.While making such a demand, corporator Deepak Jamkhandi recalled how councillors and officers in Chandigarh work in tandem to implement the works. The corporators said, none of the officials in Belagavi cooperated with corporators which affected the process of city development, he said.Corporator Sarala Herekar objected to the tour of corporators to Chandigarh stating that they wasted public money by taking up the study tour of Chandigarh. When Sarala was asked to take her seat by stopping her accusations, she said, she did not display bangles or footwear like some corporators but was simply bringing the unfair things taking place in the corporation.

(Photo C’tsy: Belgaum Live)