Belagavi: The old PB road overbridge has come under severe criticism from all quarters for its alleged substandard quality. Those experiencing the roller coaster ride on this bridge curse authorities who got it constructed in haste without giving importance to its quality. Most of the vehicular traffic and people moving on it are facing a tough time.

Compared to the recently-constructed Kapileshwar overbridge on railway tracks, the one on old PB road has not been constructed effectively. The contractors did not take the work seriously and completed it hastily. Even before it is inaugurated, people have begun complaining about its standards and safety. However, it remains to be seen whether the district administration will take note of the failure of this bridge construction and initiate measures to improve it.

Expressing concern over the substandard quality of the bridge, MLA Abhay Patil has said, he would hold a discussion with contractors and authorities concerned on it.