Belagavi: Two days after the J M Panchal of Mahadayi Water Dispute Tribunal awarded 13.42 tmc of water to Karnataka under the Mahadei project, Khanapur MLA Anjali Nimbalkar has welcomed the tribunal’s decision. The MLA had staged an agitation along with water expert Dr Rajenendra Singh at Kankumbi, project site of Kalasa-Banduri demanding Khanapur’s share of drinking water under Mahadayi project.

According to the tribunal, of the 5.4 tmc of water allotted to Karnataka state, 3.9 tmc will go to twin cities of Dharwad-Hubli while 1.5 tmcf will go to Khanapur, which falls in Mahadayi basin. At the same time 1.30 tmc feet of Mahadayi water has been allocated to Maharashtra state by the tribunal. Ms Nimbalkar has also welcomed the tribunal’s decision to allocate 8.02 tmc of water for hydropower generation. She had begun her agitation even before she became MLA demanding release of water to Khanapur to overcome water crisis there.