Belagavi: As the alleged illegal activities were not stopped despite brought to the notice of Police Chief Neelamani Raju, Belagavi South BJP MLA Abhay Patil said ‘Belagavi Police are Stronger than government as well Home Minister’.

Speaking to media persons here on Monday, said illegal activities like gambling, drugs, illegal sale of liquor, were continued in spite brought to the notice of senior officials, however, no positive response was obtained yet.

He added Belagavi police are superior than the government. Those behind running such activities might be powerful as activities were continued uninterrupted. He suspected involvement of police also in the business.

He said Home Minister Parameshwar had informed of forming a State Investigating Team to find out and curb such illegal activities in the state. However, it was not yet executed. He warned of demanding for the resignation of Parameshwar if such activities were not curbed immediately.