Belagavi: Pulling down the curtains to the rumors about former BJP MP Ramesh Katti joining Congress and contesting from Chikodi in place of Congress MP Prakash Hukkeri, Congress on Sunday clarified that there would be no such development take place, however, it could be possible only if party high command decides.

Senior minister in the government Satish Jarkiholi told newspersons here that the seats to both the constituencies have been announced and even the candidates Prakash Hukkeri from Chikodi and Dr VS Sadhunavar from Belagavi have started campaign. There was no proposal of replacing Katti in place of Hukkeri. Party has hope to win both the constituencies.

Jarkiholi said Katti will be welcomed if joined the party, however, high command will decided about his contesting.

Minister Satish Jarkiholi is to be trusted as he is one of the poweful leader in the party and there is a weight in his stand and statement for which it is confirmed that chances to Katti to contest in place of Hukkeri are less.